Answer – How is care for my loved one paid


How is care for my loved one paid for at Little Flower Manor?

Little Flower Manor is both Medicare and Medicaid certified. Medicare is a health insurance program for people age 65 or older or for people under 65 years old with disabilities. A three (3) day minimum, medically necessary inpatient hospital stay and physician certification that daily skilled nursing care is required are both necessary for a Medicare admission. For a Medicare eligible beneficiary, Medicare Part A will pay for a semi-private room, meals, nursing care, therapy, supplies, medications and medical equipment for up to 100 days. The first 20 days is paid for completely by Medicare. For days 21-100, there is a daily co-payment which is in most cases paid for by the resident’s supplemental insurance.

Medicaid is a program that provides medical benefits to people with low income and limited resources and for those who have no or inadequate medical insurance. Eligibility for skilled nursing coverage is also based on functional ability.

Little Flower Manor accepts most managed care and commercial insurance plans for post hospital, skilled care. In many cases, pre-certification by the insurance company is required prior to admission. Our Admission Director will serve as the liaison between the resident and the insurance company.

Private payment is accepted for those who have exhausted their Medicare benefits and who do not quality for Medical Assistance or other insurance benefits.


How is St. Therese Residence paid?

Like all other personal care facilities, St. Therese Residence is private pay.


Who can I talk to about admission or payment questions?

Our Admission Director serves as the liaison between the resident and the insurance company. For any questions or assistance, please call (570) 706-8903.